Saturday, May 01, 2004

Review of Ethereal Packet Sniffing Posted just posted my five star review of Ethereal Packet Sniffing. From the review:

"Ethereal Packet Sniffing is the first book in Jay Beale's new Open Source Security Series with Syngress. It's a great book to lead the way. Ethereal is full of helpful tips and clear discussions that benefit newbies and wizards alike.

I've been using Ethereal for around five years, and this book still taught me a few new tricks. The key to the new material is Ethereal's development, from 0.2 in July 1998 to 0.10.3 this year. (The book covers 0.10.0 which is far from being outdated.) The many improvements lend themselves to the sort of explanations found in Ethereal. For example, my favorite material involved filters. Although chs. 4 and 5 had minor overlap regarding this feature, I learned new ways to manipulate Ethereal's packet search and display capabilities."

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