Monday, April 12, 2004

MetaCoretex Simplifies Database Testing

If Metasploit weren't enough, I learned of MetaCoretex recently. It's a vulnerability scanning framework currently implemented for database assessment. It's written in Java, so be sure to have the JDK already installed.

After downloading and extracting the archive, the only change I made was to modify the last line of the script to know where to find Java on my FreeBSD system:

/usr/local/jdk1.4.2/jre/bin/java -cp ${CP} com.securitycentric.metacoretex.Init &

Execute the script, and MetaCoretex will launch an easy-to-use Java GUI. I plan to take a closer look at MetaCoretex once Visigoth pushes out a new release. Since I can remind him every day at work, hopefully we'll see 0.9 soon. :)

Visigoth presented MetaCoretex at a meeting of the DC Security Geeks. After the meeting the publisher of the Security Technique online journal requested prospective writers submit stories to his site.

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