Friday, June 13, 2003

You go Marty!

Read Marty Roesch's response to the uninformed claims of Gartner, Inc.. From the Gartner press release:

According to the Gartner, Inc. (NYSE: IT and ITB) Information Security Hype Cycle, IDSs have failed to provide value relative to its costs and will be obsolete by 2005.

From Marty's response:

Let me get this straight… better access control will completely remove the need for auditing? Auditing functions are a fundamental part of providing defense in depth in any security environment. Do they not understand this or, perhaps, have the economic challenges for industry analysts led them to the point where citing the outrageous is a competitive necessity?

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Saint Crusty said...

GGgGartner, dzjees

They do have some merrit but hell, they're theorists and statisticians thus eventually slipping reality.

Which is also the weakness found in IDS/IPS systems. The same bias that surfaced as soon as an IDS was put on tracks way back in the 90's.

Personnally i grew tired by highly intelligent experts missing the point repeatedly while they keep receivig attention. While grunts like me do have relatively good sollutions but fail to communicate them as elaborate and detailed as these geezers do. But then again, i'm not paid to do so full-time.

Defensive Security still lives you know.