Bejtlich Interviewed on This Week in Defense News

Last week Vago Muradian from This Week in Defense News with Vago Muradian interviewed me for his show. You can see the online version here.

The online version is about two minutes longer than the broadcast version. We recorded the extra material separately and the video staff added it in the middle of the session. They were so smooth I didn't originally notice the change!

Vago asked questions about how companies can defend themselves from digital threats. He wanted to know more about state-sponsored intrusions and how to differentiate among different types of threat actors.

In the extra session Vago and I talked about recent SEC activities and how to tell if your organization has been victimized by a targeted attacker.

There's a possibility Vago will invite me back to participate on a panel discussing digital security. I look forward to that if it happens!

If you have any questions on the video, please post a comment and I'll answer. Thank you.


Unknown said…
Great interview Richard. I've been following you for years, but first time I've heard you talk.

Quick question, you discuss the difference in M.O. between Russia and China. Is there a website or book you can suggest that goes deeper into this subject? At least info that is open-source?

Thanks (& I like the new head-shot!)
Thanks a lot Sean. My favorite source for state-directed digital activity involving China or Russia is Timothy Thomas:

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