Sunday, January 08, 2012

Happy 9th Birthday TaoSecurity Blog

Today, 8 January 2012, is the 9th birthday of TaoSecurity Blog. I wrote my first post on 8 January 2003 while working as an incident response consultant for Foundstone. 2843 posts later, I am still blogging. Looking at all 9 years of blogging, I averaged 315 per year, but in the age of Twitter (2009-2011) I averaged only 171 blog posts per year.

I plan to continue blogging, but I expect around the same number as last year -- somewhere in the 60 to 100 post range. I spend a lot more time expressing my views to the press and market researchers and analysts, so I'm often less inclined to do more of that in my free time through this blog. I plan to devote any decent chunks of free time to more traditional writing. I love to use Twitter for quick commentary. Thanks for joining me these 9 years -- I hope to have a 10 year post in 2013!

If you're a security blogger, and you like this blog, please consider voting for me via the 2012 Social Security Bloggers Awards. I'm nominated for "Most Educational Security Blog" and the Hall of Fame. Thank you again!

Don't forget -- today is Elvis Presley's birthday. Coincidence? You decide.

The image shows Elvis training with Ed Parker, founder of American Kenpo. As I like to tell my students, Elvis' stance is so wide it would take him a week to react to an attack. Then again, he's Elvis.

I studied Kenpo in San Antonio, TX but I'm going to try Tai Chi again, something I first practiced about 16 years ago in Billerica, MA during grad school.

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