Become a Hunter

Earlier this year SearchSecurity and TechTarget published a July-August 2011 issue (.pdf) with a focus on targeted threats. Prior to joining Mandiant as CSO I wrote an article for that issue called "Become a Hunter":

IT’S NATURAL FOR members of a technology-centric industry to see technology as the solution to security problems. In a field dominated by engineers, one can often perceive engineering methods as the answer to threats that try to steal, manipulate, or degrade information resources. Unfortunately, threats do not behave like forces of nature. No equation can govern a threat’s behavior, and threats routinely innovate in order to evade and disrupt defensive measures.

Security and IT managers are slowly realizing that technology-centric defense is too easily defeated by threats of all types. Some modern defensive tools and techniques are effective against a subset of threats, but security pros in the trenches consider
the “self-defending network” concept to be marketing at best and counter-productive at worst. If technology and engineering aren’t the answer to security’s woes, then what is?

Download and read my article starting on page 19 for the answer! July-August 2011 issue (.pdf)


PaulJ said…
Thanks rmb this article will help me with justification!

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