Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Trying VirtualBSD 8.1

Reece Tarbert sent an email announcing the availability of VirtualBSD 8.1, a version of FreeBSD 8.1 aimed at demonstrating FreeBSD on the desktop. It's a 1.3 GB zipped VMWare image that expands to 4.1 GB.

I downloaded the image via Bittorrent, expanded the image, and then used the VMWare Converter to transfer the VM from my laptop to my ESXi server. I accepted all the defaults and successfully converted the VM. However, after booting the VM I noticed the kernel did not recognize the network card. I shut down the VM, removed the NIC, and added a new e1000 NIC. After booting that version the VM recognized the NIC and got an IP address via DHCP from my Cisco 3750 switch.

One of my definitions of "desktop ready" is whether I can see YouTube videos out-of-the-box. As the screen capture shows, VirtualBSD worked without incident.

If you're wondering about PC-BSD, I plan to give version 8.2 a try soon. As I Tweeted last month, I had trouble with the installer and couldn't install 8.1 to my ESXi server. I could try installing to VMWare Workstation and then converting that VM too.

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Anonymous said...

I just tried downloading it and played it in vmware. It was to see youtube videos player under VirtualBSD. I had to literally struggle to get it done under FreeBSD.

Quick question. Do you know how to change/add icons to the mac-like launch bar at the bottom of the Desktop? I tried everything possible to add/change/remove icons from it but nothing seems to work