Sunday, October 10, 2010

Review of Professional Assembly Language Posted just posted my four star review of Professional Assembly Language by Richard Blum. I reviewed one of his other books seven years ago: Network Performance Toolkit: Using Open Source Testing Tools. From the review:

I read Professional Assembly Language (PAL) by Richard Blum because I wanted to become somewhat familiar with assembly language. Books like "Introduction to 80x86 Assembly Language and Computer Architecture" by Richard Detmer or "Introduction to Assembly Language Programming: From 8086 to Pentium Processors" by Sivarama P. Dandamudi seemed too dense and textbook-like to meet my needs. PAL, on the other hand, appeared very practical and focused on getting readers working with assembly language early in the text. As long as you understand the nature of PAL and the author's goals, I think you'll enjoy reading the book as much as I did.


Anonymous said...

Hello Richard,

Ive been a big fan of your work for a long time now & hope to meet up with you someday.

If I could ask you a "mentor" type question - How do you manage to read so many books, keep your self hands-on technical *AND* manage a full-time job that I'm sure doesn't require you to personally respond & handle incidents ?

mogradin said...


It looks like the title of the book is "Professional" Assembly Language, but you called it "Practical" in the title of your post.

Richard Bejtlich said...

Mogradin, fixed, thanks!

Anonymous, see Reading Tips.

Solal said...


I would like to recommend you the book 'Programming From The Ground Up' which is freely available at under the 'GNU Free Documentation License' this book deal with asm and exemples are done under linux. This a very good introduction to this language and the book is made to be read even by someone who never learned a programming language before.

Anonymous said...

Richard, how does one get in touch with you? Wanted to invite you for a panel discussion on information security strategy.