Einstein 3 Coming to a Private Network Near You?

In my Predictions for 2008 I wrote:

Expect greater military involvement in defending private sector networks... The plan calls for the NSA to work with the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and other federal agencies to monitor such networks to prevent unauthorized intrusion, according to those with knowledge of what is known internally as the "Cyber Initiative."

Now in Feds weigh expansion of Internet monitoring we read:

Homeland Security and the National Security Agency may be taking a closer look at Internet communications in the future.

The Department of Homeland Security's top cybersecurity official told CNET on Wednesday that the department may eventually extend its Einstein technology, which is designed to detect and prevent electronic attacks, to networks operated by the private sector. The technology was created for federal networks.

Greg Schaffer, assistant secretary for cybersecurity and communications, said in an interview that the department is evaluating whether Einstein "makes sense for expansion to critical infrastructure spaces" over time.

Not much is known about how Einstein works, and the House Intelligence Committee once charged that descriptions were overly "vague" because of "excessive classification." The White House did confirm this week that the latest version, called Einstein 3, involves attempting to thwart in-progress cyberattacks by sharing information with the National Security Agency.

The first step towards creating Cyber NORAD is instrumentation. Stay tuned.


The only problem with this is once they release it to the public then hackers will be able to figure out how to hack at the government level. Its amazing, we create secrets and then tell everyone about it and wonder why we get hacked across this country.

Great article. Keep em coming.

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