Thursday, June 25, 2009

SANS Forensics and Incident Response 2009

The agenda for the second SANS WhatWorks Summit in Forensics and Incident Response has been posted. I am really happy to see I am speaking on Tuesday, because I will not be available Wednesday. Day 1 appears mainly technical, and day 2 is mainly legal. Please consider registering for the two-day conference. It's the best incident response event in the US this year!

Richard Bejtlich is teaching new classes in Las Vegas in 2009. Regular Las Vegas registration ends 1 July.


ncpctech said...

Hi Richard,

I'm a wide angle security expert from National PCs. Some of my research on Shawn Carpenter has lead me to your Blog. Were located in N. Carolina and San Jose. I've got a few questions for you and Shawn if he is there.
1. Are you aware that Silicon Valley had two fiber optic cables cut on the day that the bbc announced the discovery of Russian and Chinese Cyber Spys Trojan Horse software in the US Power Grid?
2. Have you read the Cookos Egg about early cyber crime and Nukular Facilities?
3. Are you aware that the PLA is hiring "honkers" each year to test Bill Gates' software. That the winners of last years contest hacked the Pentagon and Home Land Security.
4. Do you know what Sun Tzu recommended to China's army regarding spys vs standing armies.

Let me know what you've got-
M. N. Wyman

Anonymous said...

Google: No results found for "wide angle security expert".

Richard Bejtlich said...

These are the kinds of comments Bruce Schneier gets. My star must be rising... or falling??