Sunday, April 26, 2009

Review of Crimeware Posted just posted my four star review of Crimeware by Markus Jakobsson and Zulfikar Ramzan. Really, I'm not kidding. After a four month hiatus I'm posting book reviews. From the review:

Crimeware is a collection of chapters collectively written by 40-odd security researchers. Sometimes this approach is a formula for disaster, but here the end result is a solid book that covers a broad number of topics. Because each author or group of authors know their field well, they can delve fairly deeply when necessary, and their material is technically accurate. However, some of the chapters are boring and lifeless. This book blocked my reading queue for about 4 months, which is a sign I found the text unappealing. It took a flight from Amsterdam to convince me to finish it! Still, I agree with many of the other reviewers -- Crimeware is an impressive examination of malware, on a variety of fronts.

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Andre Gironda said...

the dns sinkholing was in particular very interesting