More PowerPoint Woes

Last year I attended The Best Single Day Class Ever, taught by Prof. Tufte. He changed my outlook on PowerPoint for ever. Today in FCW magazine I found a pointer to 8 PowerPoint Train Wrecks, like the slide Bill Gates is presenting at left. While following some of the linked presentations, I came across this line from the shmula blog:

While at Amazon, we were all told by Divine Fiat that ALL presentations — regardless of kind, cannot ever be on Powerpoint. Period. Bezos prefers prose and actual thoughts slapped in a report — an actual paper report with paragraphs, charts, sentences, an executive summary, introduction of problem, research approach and findings (body of paper), conclusions and recommendations — not choppy, half-thoughts on a gazillion slides.

Thank goodness. I am not crazy after all.

That same blog post makes other good points, and links to an imagined Barack Obama "Yes We Can" PowerPoint deck. Hilarious.

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JimmytheGeek said…
I dunno. I think Luke might have been persuaded by this approach:
Martin Roesch said…
I've tried to go to the "big picture & 3 words or less" mode of presentation, I find that my audiences prefer it and they certainly seem more engaged. I can say for a long training preso it might not work but for communicating big ideas (i.e. Sourcefire value prop) it's a great way to do things.
Might I suggest

By comedian Don McMillan
Anonymous said…
There used to be a website: Not there anymore. Did Prof. Tufte create that?

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