Monday, November 05, 2007

Bejtlich Teaching at Black Hat DC 2008 Training

Black Hat was kind enough to invite me back to teach TCP/IP Weapons School at Black Hat DC 2008 on 18-19 February 2008, at the Westin Washington DC City Center. This is currently my only scheduled training class in 2008. As you can see from the course description I will focus on OSI model layers 2-5 and add material on network security operations, like monitoring, incident response, and forensics. The cost for this single two-day class is $2000 until 1 January, when the price will increase. Register while seats are still available -- both of my sessions in Las Vegas sold out. Thank you.


Marco Ramilli said...

WoW, it will be great !

Anonymous said...

Hi Richard,

Would you consider video recording your course? Unfortunately, not everyone (including myself) will be able to attend, although I'd be interested in the material. You could record it and then consider selling it. Even if you don't end up selling copies or change your mind and decide not to put it on sale, you can use it for internal training at work. Thanks

Richard Bejtlich said...


I've been asked about video several times. The cost to do this professionally is enormous. I don't think I would be happy with the result anyway. Every time I teach I include current material. Security isn't a static subject. I also prefer engaging with an audience. I don't anticipate ever recording my classes. If I did record a class I would do so for the Teaching Company, and it would be more of a "timeless principles" class.