Wednesday, October 24, 2007

FreeBSD 7.0 Developments

I am happy to announce that progress is being made towards the release of FreeBSD 7.0. This announcement says the release cycles for FreeBSD 7.0 and 6.3 have begun. The first 7.0-BETA1 .iso's you might want to test on a fresh system have been published. The announcement says "Instructions on using FreeBSD Update to perform a binary upgrade from FreeBSD 6.x to 7.0-BETA1 will be provided via the freebsd-stable list when available."

The FreeBSD 7.0 release schedule is available, and it shows FreeBSD 7.0 is scheduled for publication on 17 Dec 07. I would love to see this happen, but it's likely to take place about a month later. However, given the time between now and December, it's possible 7.0 will arrive by the end of the year. It looks like the todo list is rather small.

While researching this story I found Bruce Mah's FreeBSD Release Documentation Snapshot Page. A large amount of documentation for each release is published there.

When available I will probably use 7.0 in production. I had no problem with 6.0 in production. This is a departure from the experience of 5.0 and 5.1. I didn't transition from the 4.x line in production until 5.2.1 was released.


Anonymous said...

"I am happy to announce that progress is being made towards the release of FreeBSD 7.0."

Eh. Sounds like you are the one writing the software.

Anonymous said...

I read the release notes. I don't understand why this is 7.0 and not 6.3. There are just a bunch of fixes, like any other OS. Nothing new and revolutionary.

Richard Bejtlich said...


Give me a break. Am I not supposed to be happy about FreeBSD progress?

Anonymous said...

I'm very pleased to use FreeBSD 7.0 in my SMP boxs with AMD64 arch.

SCHED_ULE is really own when it comes to Multi cores and CPUs.

Thank you!

Anonymous said...

For me, I'm still waiting for FreeBSD 6.x to get stable. Let alone to going to use 7.0 in the production line.

But, I like what done with 7.0. (PF improvements, schedular, ZFS, priv. sep., etc)
But still, they are a long way...

Richard Bejtlich said...


What's your problem with 6.x?


Anonymous said...

Agreed, 6.x is solid.

On 7.0, there's a great PDF about new features and performance by Kris Kennaway here.

goodboymakoy said...

Hi Guys,

I am just a newbie on FreeBSD. I am planning to use PF on FreeBSD 7.0 and am interested to know what OpenBSD version comes with FreeBSD 7.0. And knowing that PF has been improved in OpenBSD 4.2, in which release of FreeBSD would PF of OpenBSD version be included?

Your help would be mostly appreciated

Anonymous said...

In the FreeBSD-7.0-RELEASE release notes it says the version of pf included is the version from OpenBSD 4.1.