Saturday, November 06, 2004

FreeBSD Offerings from

If you'd rather not download .iso files, and especially if you want to support the development of FreeBSD, I recommend purchasing a FreeBSD 5.3 four CD-ROM set from I have a subscription that charges me each time a new release is available and ships CDs automatically. On the non-software front I recommend the polo shirt, which although somewhat pricey is well-made. also offers technical support contracts and will provide a new system administration course from 7-10 December in Phoenix, AZ.


Anonymous said...

Richard, I throughly enjoy your book, blog, HowTos & comments. But! I'll have to say from my own experience in ref. to FreeBSD Mall; Buyer Beware! The CD's & shirts we ordered over 3 months ago (as a donation to the *BSD community overall) never appeared nor have our email/phone call inquiries received responses.

Despite the fact we get, run, upgrade, support & occasionally distribute FreeBSD CDs for nill, we do donate anywhere from $100-1000 in one form or another (such as buying CDs) to the *BSD projects & maintainers. We are very disappointed in FreeBSD Malls disregard for our trust in thier services. Our "money" now rides on "BSD Mall" minus the Free as in Free Rip-off. What (karma) goes around.....etc.

Thanks again for the great work! waflorek Daemons @ Santa Fe

Richard Bejtlich said...


Please email me at taosecurity at gmail dot com. I have contacted FreeBSDMall and they would like to work to resolve your problem.

Thank you.