Sunday, August 08, 2004

Dru Likes My Book and Good BSD News

While visiting I read Dru Lavigne's latest musings. She has some kind words on my book:

"So far, I'm really enjoying the book and appreciate Richard's logical, thorough approach and the plethora of useful URLs to additional references interspersed on nearly every page. His discussion on 'accessing traffic in each zone' is very practical and definitely written by someone who has "been there done that". And within the first 100 pages I've already come across undocumented or poorly documented BSD commands which Richard explains in detail.

My only caution to readers is that they'll enjoy the book a lot more if they bring to it a fairly solid understanding of networking, TCP/IP, and general security concepts. After all, this is an Addison Wesley, not a "teach yourself network monitoring in 24 hours". I do think that those with the networking and security background will appreciate the level of experience Richard has brought to the book. And, this point can't be championed enough: this book was written to demonstrate how open source tools on open source operating systems are ideal for network monitoring."

I'm glad a fellow BSD users appreciates the BSD information in a book on network security monitoring! Notice that the listing discounts the book, and provides the table of contents and editorial reviews -- unlike

Also, FreeBSD 5.3 is scheduled for a 3 Oct 04 release. This will make the 5 branch STABLE, after almost two years. Do your part by testing the release candidates when they become available.

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