Spammers Target Cambridgeshire Police Force

I learned of this scam via this Sophos report. Spammers are sending messages which appear to be receipts for £399.99 Apple iPods. The message lists the phone number of the Cambridgeshire Police Force in the UK as the point of contact for complaints. This sounds more like a prank than a structured attack, but the concept is sound. I imagine we'll see more of this in the future. Here's what the email looks like:

Subject: Transaction Receipt (UKCards)
From: "UKCards"
Please note: All charges to your statement
will appear in the name "UKCARDS LIMITED".

Order Information
Amount: £399.95
Currency: GBP
Description: iPod Music Player 40GB

Customer Service
Telephone: 01480 456111
Email: N/A

Delivery Address
47 Silver Street, London, NW1 5TR

If you have any questions on the delivery
of this order or product details please contact
the merchant directly using the above details.


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