Saturday, September 06, 2003

IT Security Hottest Job

Challenger, Gray & Christmas named "IT Security" the "hottest" job for 2003 and 2004, according to this article. From the story:

"The post of chief privacy officer just got the nod for the highest-paying hot job, bringing in an average salary of $122,360. An IT manager or security manager came in ninth on the list of high-paying hot jobs with an average salary of $91,470.

Security is simply hot this year. The security industry came in second, just behind preventative health care, for the hottest industry of this year and next.

Security and IT managers are earning salaries of more than $91,000, according to the report. And a survey of top corporate information systems security executives for Fortune 500 companies found that the average overall compensation level was $237,000."

$237,000? What are those guys doing to justify that sort of salary? Running vulnerable Windows boxes? :)