Wednesday, April 16, 2003

Fiber Optic Cables and Monitoring Saddam Hussein

This article discusses tapping fiber optic cables, in an attempt to explain how Saddam Hussein was monitored in Iraq. From the article:

Web sites for metropolitan areas, such as San Diego, often post detailed maps of the entire citywide fiber backbone. In addition, the same high-speed fiber bundle sometimes serves a dozen or more office buildings, meaning criminals could gain access to wiring closets located in building basements or to cables that pass through public parking garages or elevator shafts, said Page. . . "This layer of security -- not just for fiber, but for standard LAN and telephone wiring also -- isn't really thought out by companies," said Pescatore. "I'd estimate that 75% of enterprises have some network cabling in public access space."

Here is the map mentioned above, part of the Bandwidth Bay project.

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