Wednesday, February 12, 2003

JTF-CNO Splits

This article discusses splitting the Joint Task Force - Computer Network Operations (JTF-CNO) into two separate units -- one for attack and one for defense. I remember when the JTF-CND was created, and then became the JTF-CNO. I didn't know that STRATCOM and SPACECOM had merged as of last October, though! From the article:

No full-scale cyberattack on the United States from a known enemy has been documented, and that also complicates the issue because DOD would not want to attack a nation-state's computer operations based on the actions of a few skilled hackers, Campen said. He added that it is not clear whether a cyberattack would be anything more than a nuisance to U.S. enemies unless it was done in conjunction with more traditional acts of war.

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