Saturday, June 07, 2008

Review of Botnets Posted just posted my 2 star review of Botnets by Craig Schiller, et al. From the review:

I am wary of Syngress books that consist of a collection of contributions. The quality of the books usually decreases as the number of authors increases. Botnets is no exception, unfortunately. You will probably enjoy chapters by Gadi Evron (Ch 3, Alternative Botnet C&Cs) and Carsten Willems (Ch 10, Using Sandbox Tools for Botnets). I was initially interested in the book because of chapters on Ourmon (Chs 6-9, by Jim Binkley, tool developer). That leaves half the book not worth reading.


Anonymous said...

Aww come on Richard! This Schiller guy gave it 5 stars on Amazon.

billy said...

I think your true Richard but its a decent read for a beginner in the botnet world.